CAIRN Expe provides you activities between sea and mountains…

Diversified, original, customizable offers.


    Thanks to its outstanding versatility and its exemplary knowledge of the territory, team of the agency CAIRN EXPE proposes you activities of a matchless diversity.


    CAIRN EXPE suggests you discovering the most beautiful of History... We shall make you discover the natural and cultural heritage in a outstanding way.


    Native of Alpes-Maritimes, CAIRN EXPE team knew always how to explore and exploit its playing fields, which are at the same time the sea and the mountain, distant from only some kilometers one of each other.


    All year round, CAIRN EXPE proposes you activities adapted to the season.


    CAIRN EXPE proposes you multi-sessions activities on the same day with personalized offers.


    At sea, on earth and even in the air, nothing stops our inventiveness and our projects.


    There is so much to discover next to at home or at the other end of the planet, CAIRN EXPE proposes you activities close to your locality or to the antipodes. The disorientation can be made also very near at home.


    CAIRN EXPE is worried of proposing you activities where you will evolve in the biggest safety. Our perfect knowledge of every place allows us to offer you the biggest safety of evolution, for a discovery in the best conditions.


    CAIRN EXPE provides you with supervised activities with a preliminary location and a marking of routes. Everything is made to insure you the biggest safety so that you can take advantage completely of your stay.

Based on our experience, shaped by our territory, we are capable today of proposing you a professional and innovative supervision in this not exhaustive list of activities.

Sea activities

Sea activities

To know more about our sea activities.

Mountain activities

Mountain activities


Mountain activities

To know more about our mountain activities.

Heritage activities
  • Discovery of the hidden heritage
  • Mise en scène of the heritage and the traditions
  • Live the heritage and traditions

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