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  • Africa

    From South Africa to Tanzania, via Botswana and Zimbabwe, come to discover a continent completly different, with its fauna, its flora and its culture …

  • India

    A different journey and deeply moving … Discover the world in a really different way in the second country the most populated in the world.

  • Mexico

    This mythical country of Latin America gathers on its territory one of the densest concentrations of the civilizations which followed one another in the course of the centuries. Discover the Mayas, the aestheticism of Olmèques, the sportsmanship of the Toltec or the military organization of the Aztecs.

  • Mediterranean Coast

    From Gibraltar to Athens, via the French Riviera, and Cinque Terre, Mediterranean Coast abounds in beauties and in marvels, to discover of different and pleasant manners. We organize journeys for your groups.

  • Romania

    Paradise of the hike, the easy communication with the inhabitants, discover the regions of Transylvania, mounts Apuseni and The Carpathians, the delta of the Danube, the bucolic landscapes and fertile plains.

  • Turkey

    Turkey, there are smells, sounds, colors, but especially grand landscapes and inexhaustible wealth of routes and discoveries, Bosphorus in the Anatolia, Lycie in the Black Sea, via Cappadocia and the mount Nemrut …

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We propose you personalized offers for your groups on the whole planet.

Leave with your group (friends, work, association, club) to discover the World with the support of our experimented teams.

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