Ideas Marriage proposal

Idées Demande en Mariage-Déclarer sa flemme à Monaco

Ideas Marriage proposal

You decided to take the plunge and ask him for his hand? Here are our ideas marriage proposal to inspire you. If you like any of these ideas, we can offer you to team up with professionals to organize this lovely moment. We will be able to design you a tailor-made marriage proposal scenario. As for the unusual places to apply for marriage, the Alpes-Maritimes, the Côte d’Azur and the Mercantour offer an infinite number of options, each more magical than the other. Here are some ideas for marriage:

Our Ideas Marriage Proposal

For an unforgettable memory

Romantique Déclaration

A marriage proposal represent a strong act of commitment. It will certainly mark your life! Applying for a marriage is an opportunity to prove to your partner the extent of your love before formalizing your desire for a life together. Whether you want a marriage proposal on the summits, in the calm and intimacy of nature, while enjoying the sumptuous landscapes of our hinterland. Or, from a helicopter over the Côte d’Azur between Monaco and Saint-Tropez, we can ensure a personalized scenario. You can take advantage of our ideas of marriage proposal, for an unforgettable memory. Choose the ring while we take care of this day. So, you can make the most of this moment.
We will assure you that we will perform everything to make your dream achievable.

Original Marriage Proposal Ideas

In an ideal setting

Violoniste Demande Mariage Cannes

Choosing the Alpes-Maritimes means making sure you propose in an ideal setting. From the peaks to the beaches, everything is there for ideas to propose an original wedding. We can even imagine scenarios that evolve by browsing these pleasant spaces! From the helicopter to the catamaran, via the 4×4 and the paraglider, there is enough to cross all the elements and imagine the ideas of the craziest marriage applications.

A team of professionals to carry out your Marriage Proposal in complete serenity

Our CAIRN Expe team has been organizing marriage proposals since 2014. It will live up to your requirements! Made up of outdoor and event specialists, it will meet your expectations, regardless of the terrain and the story you want to tell. We also secure professional cameramen and photographers used to this exercise. They will be qualified to immortalize the moment while going unnoticed. We additionally have quality materials to create the decor you want while installing it in the most auspicious and unexpected place, from sandy beaches to snow-capped peaks to caves lit by a thousand candles!

Demande Mariage Surprise Montagne

Marriage proposal in Digne

On the tops

Do you want fresh air and privacy? Take a high point towards the Nice hinterland, which is full of valleys and peaks to explore. For a marriage proposal in Digne, you just have to trust us, and we will offer you the ideal view and atmosphere for your wedding proposal on the summits.

Why not a 4×4 ride alone in the world, on sumptuous forest trails and an arrival on a plateau overlooking the valley?  We will have prepared with our team a staging for a memorable surprise. And it is on the heights, surrounded by natural landscapes that you can enjoy a small outdoor lounge, plaids, and even an aperitif. We will not forget the champagne to celebrate the occasion.

Marriage proposal in Saint-Tropez

Feet in the sand

The tops are not your cup of tea? You’re thinking of a marriage proposal in Saint-Tropez?  We also have the opportunity to arrange marriage proposals on a beach, feet in the water. Again, there are many options. Thus, from Menton to Marseille we will find the location most suited to your desires.

This will be an opportunity to ask for the hand of your loved one following a walk by the sea. The different capes are magical places and we can cite as an example Cape Ferrat, the Cap d’Antibes or Cape Camarat. They will fill you all while creating a romantic and unforgettable moment.

Idée Demande Mariage Romantique
Cascade Demande Mariage Nice

Marriage proposal in Nice

Under a waterfall

Sometimes you don’t have to travel the world to find your happiness. With ease we can offer you a walk in the old town of Nice and on the hill of the castle. The course will be punctuated by rose petals as well as other small touches allowing you to rediscover your memories of a couple and make your marriage proposal in Nice under awaterfall.

A crossing in your best moments before a magical conclusion under the waterfall of the castle. You can admire the city and its Promenade des Anglais from a unique viewpoint with the waterfall in the background. A magical atmosphere, a memorable journey, and a most romantic scenario are the ingredients of a successful marriage proposal.

Marriage proposal in Cannes

On an island

On holiday in Canes or living in the region, you’ve probably noticed these wild islands in front of the Croisette. It is indeed on the islands of Lérins that we take you with your future wife. Far from a Koh-Lanta atmosphere, you will still be isolated from the world to enjoy this unique and intimate moment to propose to Cannes on an island.

Embark on a catamaran from the Port of Cannes (where you can even land by helicopter!), then sail through this beautiful bay before docking on Sainte Marguerite to explore the island. Everything will be ready for you to arrive in an idyllic setting. Why not invite a violinist who can arrive discreetly during your request and play your girlfriend’s favorite song? What could be better than to enjoy this moment under a beautiful sunset to the sound of the violin?

Demande Mariage Cannes Ile
Demande Mariage Catamaran Cannes

Marriage proposal in Monaco

Over the water

Monaco and its elegance… A great place to arrange a marriage proposal over the water. Between luxury and authenticity, between modernism and nature, applying to a marriage in Monaco is a very good choice. From the Prince’s Palace, you can descend from the Rock of Monaco by starting to discover roses as well as personalized clues during a walk in the gardens. You will gradually be led to the port… A catamaran will be waiting for you and it is on the water that the day will continue.

From Menton  to Cape Ferrat, we will plan your navigation together! So, we can also coincide the time of sunset with your program. A detail that makes perfect sense when you propose!

Marriage proposal in Menton

In mid-flight

What if you leave the heights to land on the beach? This is what we offer you with a scenario of marriage application during a paragliding flight. Take-off areas are already breathtaking views in themselves. The first opportunity to offer an extraordinary experience to your other half who will be far from suspecting that this is just the beginning of intense emotions! If you had planned to propose in Menton, we will be able to offer you the ideal scenario in mid-flight.

We offer you to take off at more than 800 meters altitude, betweenMenton and Monaco. During a two-seater paragliding flight, you can fly close to your future wife and unfurl a banner in the air. You can observe from the sky the beach on which you will land on a red carpet, which will lead you directly to a beautiful installation to ask for his hand, kiss him and enjoy the moment.

Definitely one of the most unusual marriage proposal ideas!

parapente demande en mariage

Marriage proposal in Marseille

Dans les calanques

To propose in the Calanques de Marseille, a wild place, still preserved and above all magical. Despite the richness of the Alpes-Maritimes one cannot remove that the Calanques are splendid and thus offer a breathtaking setting. You will find cliffs falling directly into the Mediterranean Sea and white rocks that create an exceptional atmosphere. So why propose to Marseille?

Marriage proposal in Frejus

Above L’Esterel

The red rocks of the Esterel are a magical and original setting for you to propose to Frejus. This helps to find the right balance between the sea and the mountains. Treat yourself to a unique moment in this natural setting of the Esterel massif where volcanic rocks come to pigment the azure sky. Sometimes the images speak better than the words here are a few…

Marriage proposal in Italy

In a cave

Italy is less than an hour from the Alpes-Maritimes, as close as our peaks it offers various possibilities such as a marriage proposal in a cave. A real cocoon of intimacy where you can declare your flame by candlelight. An exceptional moment that you will share with your other half and that will remain engraved for life!

To propose in Italy, imagine a hike to the mountains that will take you to a cave lit by a thousand candles. Attracted by a warm glow, you will venture inside to discover the surprise. Intriguing isn’t it? So, hold hands and find out what we’ve prepared for you! It is a path made up of a thousand candles and rose petals that will take you into a spacious cavity. The decor of your choice will await you and one of our well-hidden professional photographers. An idea proposes in a cave that will not fail to leave an unforgettable memory.  

The best ideas to propose to declare your flame remains yours and we are here to create the scenario of your dreams.
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