Unusual Hike - French Riviera - Mercantour Park
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For new adventures 


From 25 euros

Based on 8 persons


  • Private Guide & comments
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Uncommon Spots Discover
  • Refreshment
  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • 100 % custom made
  • Tasting & gourmet

Wonderful Nature Discover

Let’s go together to discover new natural wonders

We have specially selected for you, a large range of hike to let you the pleasure of discovering what nature has best…
Let’s go together to discover these natural wonders offered by our Alpes-Maritimes and Mercantour National Park country.
Wether you are in family, for a simple walk, or great sportsman, we will know how to adapt the journey to your level, to offer you a colorful show of discovery.
Our Theme Hike :
– The Bee hike (April to Octobre)
– The Olive hike (Septembre To January)
– The Chestnuts hike (Septembre to Novembre)
– The Cave hike (March to Novembre)
– The Lavander hike (June to August)
– The Rocca Sparvièra Legend
– The Liberation hike (March to Octobre)
– The Buffalo hike

– The Mushroom hike (Spring – Summer)
– The Smuggler hike
– The Stars hike (May to Septembre)
– The Wild Strawberries hike (July to Septembre)
– The Lakes hike (June to Septembre)
– The Marmots hike (June to Septembre)
– The Culinary Plants legend (April to Septembre)
– The Cow hike (June to Octobre)
– The Shepherd hike  (mars  à décembre)
– The Deer hike (Septembre to Octobre)
– The Chamois hike (April to Octobre)
– The Lemon hike (February to March)
– The Mimosa hike (February to March)
– The Vertigo hike
– The Night hike
– On the Ice Road hike
– On the Salt Road hike
– The Wolf hike
– The Donkey hike
– The Lamas hike (May to Octobre)
– The Traper hike
– The Merveilles Valley hike
– The Wine and Harvest hike
– Canine hike
– Trail and Ultra Trail
– and many others…

For a quick booking :



Contact us to find out more.

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An other way to discover…

A 100% customizable product with quality support by a private guide


  • Discover with your private guide, magical and unsuspected places. We specially design for you, adapted routes, to offer you an unique experience pleasure.



  • With our qualified and territory expert guides, you will discover routes specially created and marked for you. All our staffs are CAIRN Expe certified, to offer you the highest quality guarantee.


  • The perfect time to live moments of exception in family or between friends. Everybody can participate, thanks to all level activities. Routes will be adapt to everyone and level groups can be made.


  • We offer you a large range of options, for you to customize your product and benefit from a various choice of activities. If you wish somethings which is not on the list, don’t hesitate to ask us, and we will do our maximum to realize it.


Conditions : Routes are adapted to every groups according their level. Itinerary can be change in case of bad weather.

Included : Private guide, routes, refreshments, hike, comments.

Not included: Meals (on demand), bivouacs, cancelation and repatriation assistance insurance and all non mentioned services.


Attractifs fares for an unforgettable discovery moment 

Participants number HALF-DAY
Price per person
Price per person
8 persons 25€ 35 €
6 persons 30 € 45 €
4 persons 40 € 65 €
2 persons 80 € 125 €
1 person 160 € 250 €

Price VAT per person

Options :
Stages Hike / Diner / Lunch / Bivouac / Accomodation / Chef  Prestation in Nature / Aperitif and Champagne / Transport in vehicle / Other sports activities / Horseriding / Local products tasting / Picking / Material renting / Sherpa / Assistance

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