Snowshoeing in Mercantour – South French Alps

Snowhoeing in Mercantour – South french alps


Hikes in snowshoe from the stations of the Alpes-Maritimes, the Mercantour and Nice :


  • Auron and Saint Étienne de Tinée
  • Turini Camp d’Argent, l’Authion and Peira-Cava
  • La Colmiane and la Vésubie (Gordolasque, Boreon, etc.)
  • Isola and Isola 2000
  • Casterino, Col de Tende, Limone and the valley of Roya

Different levels are available : Discovery level / Sport level / Expert level

Go with a guide to a snowshoeing in French south Alps to discover the most beautiful landscapes.

A hike adapted to your level on a personalized itinerary.

Whether it is near a ski resort or on mountain road, we shall choose for you the best routes according to the weather conditions and according to the snow coverage.

Snowhoeing in Auron

Snowhoeing in Turini Camp d’Argent

A course adapted for a maximum pleasure

Rediscover the happiness of the simple things during an hike in snowshoes. Walk in a forest of fir trees covered with a fresh snow. Make the first tracks in the powdery. To observe the tracks of wild animals. Roll about in the snow. Discover wonderful landscapes…

An adventure to be lived in family, between friends or in couple.

However, feel reassured, you will not be alone, your mountain guide will be there to accompany you in your adventure.

After the effort the comfort… Why not to end the day, by a tasting of local products at the Fireside?

Snowshoeing in the South Alps

A vast playground

From the sea side, around Nice, Menton et Monaco, you will be in a new world. After only one hour of road, you will find yourselves at the top of a mountain at more than 2000 meters.

The South Alps are the ideal place for the practice of snow rackets. No need to make of long hours of road to find the snow.

We propose snowhoeing various sectors of the Alpes-Maritimes. The departures of the hike, are made from various ski resort of Mercantour:

Snowhoeing in Auron
Snowhoeing in Turini Camp d’Argent and Peira-Cava
Snowhoeing in Colmiane and Vésubie Valley
Snowhoeing in Isola 2000
Snowhoeing in Col de Tende and Italy
Snowhoeing in Casterino
Snowhoeing in Mercantour
Raquettes Neige Mercantour
Raquettes à Neige Trappeur

Snowhoeing in Family :


In couple, in family or between friends, this activity allows to share unforgettable moments around the sports values, around the cohesion and around environmental protection.

To give a playful side at this activity, we propose also the “Trapper snowhoeing”. Ideal hike for the children, we organize numerous activities with this hike. We shall learn to track wild animals, by spotting their borrow left in the snow, we shall learn about the archery, about the thrown of ax, about the trapping. We learn various methods to switch on a fire and warm itself. We study the various methods to make an igloo and shelter from the cold. We picnic in the hut of the trapper

Prices :

From 21,00 € /pers


*Rent of snowshoes + poles = 12,50 € / person


Price without the rent of snowshoes :

Mountain guide + Snowshoes Hike = 250,00€ / Day

2 persons : from 100,00 € /pers.

3 persons : from 67,00 € /pers.

4 persons : from 50,00 € /pers.

5 persons : from 45,00 €/pers.

6 persons : from 40,00 € /pers.

De 7 to 12 persons = Group price = 250,00 €


Snowshoe Raid 2 days – 3 days – 4 days

From  200,00 € /pers.

Are included : Accompaniment by a guide, snowshoes rent*, reportage photos, itinéraires et instructions.

Informations : plan tight and comfortable shoes of mountain, of which to cover itself, warm clothes, extra clothes, gloves, sunglasses, gaiters, hat or cap, small backpack, water, picnic and camera. The hikes will be adapted to your level. Numerous different routes are proposed according to your level and snow conditions.

Option Trapper Hike on demand (Archery, trapping, tracking, fire, igloo, etc.)

Option : Transport, lunch, accomodation, Trapper Hike, search for avalanche victim, etc.


All our products are flexible

Contact us for a free and personnalized quote.


From December to May (according to snow coverage)

Nature spirit


No need to be a exceptionnal sportman to participate to this snowshoe hike. We propose hikes for all levels. The objective is : pleasure, to discover the activity and the magnificent landscapes covered with snow. During these hikes, we shall spend a moment in accordance with the nature in the National park of Mercantour. You will discover all the marvels which Nature offers to us.

Our guides, specialists of the territory of the Alpes-Maritimes, will accompany you and will make you discover the mountain, through the discovery of the fauna, the flora and the history of places. An ideal hike to discover the heritage of the places and the nature. These hikes are opened to all. The techniques of walking with snowshoes are very simple. You will feel quickly comfortable with this equipment. The snowshoes allow you to move in the fresh snow without sinking and in the hard and ice snow without sliding.
In addition, we will evolve in magnificent landscapes, discovering the most beautiful places of the South French Alps.

Quality equipment


The equipment for a hike with snowshoes is very easy of use. Our snowshoes are good quality and we shall also equip you with sticks of walking, to find a better balance and more profitability in the walking.

Optimal security


Places are perfectly known of your CAIRN EXPE guide, he spotted them and has selected them to make sure that the places present no danger for you and your close friends.

Professionals to your service


Simple routes and clear instructions will accompany you throughout your activity. Your guide will remain reachable 24 h/24 if necessary.

A personalized and custom-made offer


That you prefer to be in autonomy or accompanied by a guide, an easy way to discover activity or a more sports itinary to fit your level, we shall answer all your desires.

With the Trapper Hike, you can discover too :

Big Cold Survival training course

Which equipment to choose for your training of survival big cold?

– 35L minimum backpack
– Knife
– Metal canteen (si possible qui peut aller au feu)
– Spoon + Contenant cuisson des liquides
– Survival cover
– 100 – 120L Garbage bag
– Cord (minimum 5m)
– Tarp (3mX2m)
– Warm clothes
– Cap + gloves
– Mountain boots
– Sleeping bag
– Hatchet
– Shovel
– Headband lamp
– Small first-aid kit
– IGN map + Compass (Option)

Before every departure, your instructor will make with you the inventory of the bag, to see what is useful and useless. He will also watch to verify that you forgot nothing of vital.

As on all our products, you can personalize this product thanks to numerous available options.

Dinner / Lunch / Accommodation / Transport vehicule / Other sport activities / A tasting of local products / Equipement rent / Sherpa / Assistance


Our wide choice of activities and adventures, our experience, our perfect knowledge of the territory, our know-how and our capacity to answer your desires by understanding your expectations, are so many qualities which allow us to make the difference and give you unique moments.

The CAIRN EXPE Adventures  are custom-made and turnkey experiences, take advantage of good moments only!

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