Natural Teambuilding in the Alpes-Maritimes

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Natural Teambuilding in the Alpes-Maritimes

Natural Teambuilding is a unique opportunity to embark on an original teambuilding. First time? It’s an introduction of choice for an activity with your company, if you are already an adept it is a unique activity thatyou probably will not have practiced.

The Alpes-Maritimes are a prime setting for a natural teambuilding

Our territory is rich in diversity, and the landscapes are many. An hour from Nice you are already in the centre of the massif of the Nice hinterland with these mythical valleys to explore, from the Roya to the Tinéewithout forgetting the Vesubie. No doubt we will find a place that perfectly matches your expectations. There are courses and activity modules for all levels and desires.

Why choose natural teambuilding?

A teambuilding is a popular activity, but carrying out this experience in nature allows to diversify the interactions around a multitude of emotions. A guarantee of a link between the employees allowing everyone to discover better his colleagues. Making a natural teambuilding is also an opportunity to make yourself useful and to make sense of the action. In addition to providing your team with a rewarding activity, you will also provide your company with an opportunity to get a name for itself. Nature and the environment are back at in the center of our current concerns and issues. Thanks to this action you will be able to act in an eco-responsible way by leaving a lasting positive borrowing of your action

An original natural teambuilding program

A full day is offered so that you and your team can enjoy a complete experience in an exceptional natural setting. It’s after spending a morning allowing everyone to get involved that the meal can start! Let’s go to more details of what we’re proposing

A morning of action to start

It’s during the morning that you will realize the action of your choice. From pruning, to the maintenance of the trails or the preservation of the historical heritage anything is possible. These activities allow the group to take concrete action during their natural teambuilding. Indeed, these actions that are certainly very affordable physically without taking risks leave proof of our passage. And it is this feeling of having acted for a noble cause, while being together that will bind your team. We offer a wide range of activities and we can adapt to your needs regardless of the values you want to convey. Are you close to the sea and the coast? No problems we can organize actions on the beautiful coastal trails or even the beaches of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Pruning trees

Needing a sense of organization and communication to be well done, this action will weld your team. The most for the forest? Controlled forest, strengthening trees and limiting the risk of fire spreads. A useful and original action.

Preservation of historical heritage

Your teambuilding nature is an opportunity to build your history and your corporate culture. At the same time, it is an opportunity to preserve and restore our historical heritage.

Restoration of restanques

Restanques? Restanques are made of natural materials and allow water to be transported off the trails. This plays a major role in preventing erosion and flooding. The interview is therefore crucial while being playful.

Boosting young forests

A young forest needs attention, and man can have a major effect on his development. By protecting it from invasive species while selecting the species to preserve you are participating in the healthy growth of invasive species

PMR Accessibility

A constructive action for your teambuilding nature. Make sure the schooners can circulate, ariane’s wire is visible and the furniture is in good condition. Finally, social and environmental action

Trail maintenance

From the trails of the Nice hinterland to those of the coast these kilometers are surveyed all year round. They must be maintained to ensure their accessibility to all, by clearing, slating and restoring the various signage

Waste collection

Unfortunately, these are more and more useful actions… In addition to cleaning beaches and forests, you will actively participate in the preservation of the ecosystem. Indeed, the presence of this waste disturbs the animals

Shoreline and creek maintenance

Waterways are ubiquitous in our territory and your teambuilding nature is an opportunity to take an interest in them. Maintenance is essential because it ensures a good flow of water even during floods. So, you will secure the forest and the entire surrounding area

A convivial meal

So, after you finish the activity you will have the opportunity to prepare your own meal. It is also an opportunity to implement some natural survival techniques that are a fun way to get together. Making your own fire,organizing a small bivouac to eat and learn a little about edible plants is also in natural teambuilding. If you are rather comfort no problem, we can offer you a custom restoration! If not, why not bake your own bread to accompany a dish of polenta and grilled meats?  ?

A relaxing afternoon to conclude the teambuilding nature

After this meal as always, it’s up to you, we can do anything. Why not still travel our beautiful hinterland in Nice with electric mountain bikes?  A way for your entire team to enjoy the  walk without the need for an athlete’s physique. It is an original activity to conclude this day in a peaceful nature under the Mediterranean that can be seen from many points of the Alpes-Maritimes. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a personalized quote. Beyond a nature teambuilding we can offer you the organization of your entire weekend or company seminar. From a giant treasure hunt to a  4×4 hike to a catamaran excursion. We can customize everything according to your expectations to you a unique product.

Un ensemble d'activité pour votre teambuilding nature encadré par une équipe de professionnels agrée Esprit Parc

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