Specialist of nature and sport tourism, CAIRN Expe provides a selection of activities to suit you including a wide range of events… You are an individual, a group or a company, we offer you solutions adapted to your needs, to help you live moments of exception…

Specialist of tourism on the French Riviera and in the «Haut Pays Azuréen», we suggest you live the moments of exception in the contrast of the luxury of the French Riviera and the authenticity of the natural beauty of the «Maralpin» high country! In the same spirit, the CAIRN Expe agency offers you bespoke stays in France and abroad…

Rich in its experiences and in its exceptional knowledge of the territory of the Alpes-Maritimes, CAIRN EXPE has a team of qualified professionals, to accompany you, to frame you and amaze you in complete safety …

Between sport tourism, cultural discovery, history, heritage and nature, CAIRN Expe suggest you expeditions and personalised trips with a private guide.

CAIRN Expe is also your event planner… We organize events and unique moments for your friends, your family, your children, your employees, your customers… We take care of everything !


CAIRN EXPE establishes for you market studies and proposes you its advice, to develop and make know your territory. Through an Ecoresponsible approach, we provide you with, all the ways to help you live and enrich our most valuable assets.

Every place hides something unique. CAIRN EXPE helps you to discover it! Culture, History, Traditions, Nature, Geology and so much other hidden wealth, as we shall know how to emphasize, by outstanding ways, to develop the attractiveness of your territory.


CAIRN EXPE made of the sustainable development one of its battle horse. We accompany every day companies and communities in the implementation, the improvement and the animation of initiatives profoundly in connection with the stakes in reduction of the environmental impacts.
In coherence with our convictions and our professional activities, we also make a commitment to apply the same dynamics of limitation of the environmental impacts within our structure. For that purpose, we propose ecoresponsible products and implement compensatory measures.
So, we make a commitment to adapt our tourist lifestyle, our products and our practices of consumption in the sustainable development. This approach is translated by the adoption of behavior relative to the management of the recycling, the travels, the paper, the purchases, the energy and the water.

Reasoned business travels and in battery-driven vehicle in car sharing.
Empowerment of the employees and the trainings in the environmental protection and the control of the energy consumption.

– Organized by the telecommuting, the dematerialization of the data, and meetings in video conferences.
– Selection of the partners and the collaborators according to a precise charter of environmental protection.
– Participation in Trophies Climate Energy of the Alpes-Maritimes 2015.
– Use of recycled paper, minimalisation of the printed documents
– Recycling of ink cartridges and other waste

Implementation of means of transport soft, for the customers of the tTravel agency CAIRN EXPE and the proposals of ecotourist products (transport by train, to go on the scene of hike for example).

– Configuration of the computing offices in energy saving mode
– Implementation of energy-saving lamps and optimization of the natural light
– Installation of hot air pumps in our main offices and solar panels in our secondary offices.

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