Team Building Regatta Nice

Team Building Regatta Nice



You wish to organize an Incentive to thank your collaborators or Team Building to motivate your employees?


We propose you an sea activity rich in strong sensations


Les Régates en Voilier

Life-size regatta

Equip your teams as professionals with clothes in the colors of your company and raise the flag of your company on the ship.

Communication and Promotion assured on this company event:

Flag / T-shirt / Caps / Banners / Shooting Drone and Helicopter / Photo and Video Report


Guaranteed sensations


You will embark aboard a fleet of recent sailboats to navigate along the French Riviera coast.

From 2 sailboats up to 30 sailboats. This activity can welcome up to 300 people on the same event.

Make up your teams according to your needs, to reach your goals. You will benefit from a good organization with a race committee. Having left the port aboard sailboats, your teams will take in hand ships thanks to the explanations of our skippers. After an analysis of the weather report and the wind, you will have to set up a race strategy. Once the departure given by the committee of race, the battle is launched. Who will be the fastest ?

From 200,00 € /pers.


photo carte postale voiliers

Team Building

Durign the regatta, we can setup several race courses. Regatta contain generally between 1 and 4 rounds according to weather conditions.  After the online departure, every ship will have to reach the most quickly the finishing line by respecting the route traced by the implementation of buoys. A race lasts between 45min and 1 o’clock 15. For a maximal safety, we shall keep a radio link throughout the event and you will be framed by motorboats.

After the effort, the comfort. We shall navigate quietly along the French Riviera, to make stopover in a small creek to bathe us and have launch. We can have lunch and have dinner on board. We can also make stopover to reach a restaurant.

The choice is yours …



The organization of a regatta will mark the spirits of your collaborators. You will able to choose among numerous options and make up your custom-made event. We will be there to accompany you in the creation of this event from the beginning to the end. Regatta offer a very interesting means of communication and media coverage.

Sport & Enterprise

This activity is adapted at every sportsmen level to allow the participation of everybody. For you, for your employees and for the well-being of all, we propose you solutions to develop the sport in your company, to watch the sustainability of your activity and develop the capacities of the actors of the company …

Optimal logistics

With our experience, we shall know how to organize an event allowing a fluidity and an adaptability of the most comfortable. This event will allow you to remain far from the crowds of tourists and all other inconveniences of the mass tourism.

Maximum safety

During all the event, our team will be on the water at your side, à bord de puissants semi-rigides pour assurer le bon déroulement de votre journée en toute sécurité. You can contact the organization by radio VHF when you need it.

 V.I.P. access

Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the territory, we shall make accessible places which are not usually. You will benefit from a permanent exclusivity during your stay on the French Riviera.

For any project, do not hesitate to contact us

As on all our products, you can personalize this product thanks to numerous available options.

Dinner / Lunch / Accommodation/ Service Chef in nature/Apéritif and champagne / Tastings of products premises / Kitchen course / Transport by bus / Other sports activities


Our wide choice of activities and adventures, our experience, our perfect knowledge of the territory, Our know-how and our capacity to understand your expectations, are many qualities which will allow us to make the difference and to make you live unique moments.

The Adventures CAIRN EXPE, they are custom-made and turnkey experiences, so that you do not have more than to take advantage of good moments!

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