Incentive Catamaran French Riviera

Incentive Catamaran French Riviera


Sail with your colleagues

A catamaran excursion in Côte d’Azur is  experiencing French Riviera on a other angle.

A unique discovery moment


Get on board of our sublime catamaran for a day of extraordinary discovery off Cannes. Leave the port under the wind, and accompanied by a private guide, you will go towards the beautiful Lerins Islands.


After anchored between the island of Sainte Marguerite and Ile Saint Honorat you will be able to explore wildlife and underwater flora. With snorkeling equipment at your disposal, it will be possible to realize a route from island to island submarine to discover a wide variety of fish, marine plants, crustaceans and other unexpected treasures of the funds of the Mediterranean.


After swimming, you will be back on board to discover the island of Saint Honorat, and explore its fascinating cultural heritage.


In option, paddles, kayaks could be rent to embellish the expedition.

Sharing Moment


To make this day a total success, stay on board few hours more and enjoy from an unforgettable evening.


For a last bath, you would admire the descent of the sun towards the horizon. Once dry, you will be just in time to watch the beautiful sunset over the Esterel Massif, while enjoying cocktails on board. A show of flamboyant colors, will be offered to you just before sitting down for a delicious meal.


At night, it’s in a musical atmosphere that you will continue the party drinking cocktails. Then you weigh the anchor to return to the port. On the way back, you will enjoy a sumptuous spectacle and breathtaking views of the French Riviera and Cannes bay illuminated with thousands of lights … Thus will end an unforgettable day under the sign of sharing, relaxation and discovery …


Incentive Catamaran



An unique shared moment with your collaborators for this group activity as part of an  Incentive in Alpes-Maritimes.


Strengthen links in your company and create a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere. After that day, your employees will take more pleasure to work together as they will have shared a unique and founder moment for the life of the company.


We organize for you all the events, whether it is a simple reception or a product launch furthermore raving, we propose you solutions in uncommon places which nobody else would dare to imagine. The opportunity to mark the occasion…

Sport in enterprise

For you, for your employees and for the well-being of all, we propose you solutions to develop the sport in your company, to watch the sustainability of your activity and develop the capacities of the actors of the company …

 Optimal Logistic

Far from the crowds of tourists, inquisitive looks and all other inconveniences of the mass tourism. We shall know how to show you and live the territory otherwise by combining the activities in a logistics allowing a fluidity of the most comfortable.

For any question or project, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our wide range of activities and adventures, our experience, our perfect knowledge of the territory, our expertise and our ability to meet your needs understanding your expectations, are all qualities that will enable us to make a difference and make you live unique moments.

CAIRN Expe Adventures ,are bespoke and turnkey experiences, for you  to just enjoying the good times !

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