Old Nice

Pointus Port de Nice Vieux Nice GESU Taureau Fontaine Massena Nice Sainte Reparate Place Rossetti Oeuvre Bernard Venet Nice Prom Anglais Tour Nice Vieux Porte Fausse Vieux Nice Place Saint Francois Place Massena Nice Place du Palais Justice Port de Nice Pointus Nice Drapeau Visite du Vieux Nice Negresco Garibaldi Nice Eglise Saint Paul Nice Bateau Coulee verte Nice Coulee verte Vieux Nice Massena Nice Statue Clocher Saint Francois Nice Chapelle Saint Francois Nice Catarina SEGURANA Nissa Boulet Turque 1543 Cheval Fontaine Massena Nicie

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About This Project

Visit the Old Nice


We offer the visit of the old Nice in the form of Urban Safari. This adventure will challenge you and solve puzzles. On each of the monuments of Old Nice, you will discover clues that will allow you to find the combination that will open the treasure chest.


An adventure to share with the family and between friends.


From 35,00 € by person.


Go to Garibaldi Place with your CAIRN Expe Guide. He will begin by introducing you to the activity and challenge your taste buds to access the roadmap. But it won’t be that easy… You will have to find the answer to the first riddle to start the adventure by unlocking the logbook.

First challenge answered and first riddle solved ? Then let’s go for the adventure… Use your sense of direction and be observant to move forward in the game. The fastest ones will take about two hours to find the code. And the slowest up to four hours.

During this game, you will walk all over old Nice from the Garibaldi Square to the Saleya Place. You will go up to Massena Place before crossing the Green Coulee which covers “Lou Paioun”. That’s where you’ll find your last clue…

Moment of truth… Have you picked up the right clues and will you find the code that will open the treasure chest ?

This adventure is ideal to start your stay in the Alpes Maritime. It can also be the starting point of your stay bachelor party or bachelorette party.

This activity can be adapted for companies, in order to realize a Team Building in Nice. We will be able to find several solutions to integrate it with your event on the French Riviera.


The treasure is fully customizable.


This activity can be adapted to suit your needs and budget.

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