Stars night French Riviera

Stars night French Riviera



  You want to thanks your team or partners by organizing an incentive ?


We have selected for you the perfect unusual activity for your corporate event …


Stars night French Riviera

An escape moment


It is in a completely unusual and unique setting that you and your employees will be welcomed for the night stars. A unique moment of escape where you can observe the solar system planets and stellar formations.


Outdoor Installation


Everything has been planned for you and your team to spend an unforgettable moment, stars in the eyes. You will find a temporary lounge, specially designed for this incentive night stars. You could then install yourself to enjoy the aperitif, buffet or meal which will be served while watching the sunset.


It is in a nice atmosphere that you can instill a spirit of cohesion in your team. Accompanied by a glass of champagne, this moment will be of course appreciated by all.


Outdoors, you could enjoy an exclusive moment before the highlight of the show, stargazing.


Pique-Nique Nocturne Nature
Observation des étoiles

Incentive stars night


With your astronomer guide, astrophysics graduate you will travel into space through its observation equipment.


This nocturnal activity grant you a moment of escape through the observation of the starry sky and the rest of the universe. You will be given advices, scientific informations and technical datas by the astronomer.


To make this day special, we will offer other nature discovery activities. You will be able to go on night hike, guided under the stars. You could even make the encounter wild animals.



We organize for you all the events, whether it is a simple reception or a product launch furthermore raving, we propose you solutions in uncommon places which nobody else would dare to imagine. The opportunity to mark the occasion…

Sport in enterprise

For you, for your employees and for the well-being of all, we propose you solutions to develop the sport in your company, to watch the sustainability of your activity and develop the capacities of the actors of the company …

 Optimal Logistic

Far from the crowds of tourists, inquisitive looks and all other inconveniences of the mass tourism. We shall know how to show you and live the territory otherwise by combining the activities in a logistics allowing a fluidity of the most comfortable.

Inaccessible Places


For you, we shall make accessible places which are not it usually. You will benefit from a permanent exclusivity.

For any question or project, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can personalized your products with a range of options. 

 Diner / lunch / Accommodation / Chef in nature/ Aperitif & Champagne / Local product tasting / Cooking lesson / Transportation in bus


Our wide range of activities and adventures, our experience, our perfect knowledge of the territory, our expertise and our ability to meet your needs understanding your expectations, are all qualities that will enable us to make a difference and make you live unique moments.

CAIRN Expe Adventures ,are bespoke and turnkey experiences, for you  to just enjoying the good times !

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