Bachelor party in Nice

Bachelor party in Nice

Bachelor party in Nice

In may, do what you want…

As says it so well the saying, we organized a great day for a Stag party in Nice for the dear Fred…

Having been contacted by a close friend of the bridegroom, only a few days before, we organized very quickly the stay for a Stag party in Nice.

A team of 12 guys landed in Nice to party and live a memorable stay before their friend is married.

After their arrival to Nice and their installation in the hotel, we got back the team to the hotel and we left aboard our two 4×4, to go to the descent of rafting.

Organisation EVG Nice

On the road, the good mood and fun were there … Apéritif, jokes, challenges to the bridegroom.

After the small hour of road, we arrive to the Rafting… Everybody equips himself and the bridegroom is laughed at again and again by his buddies.

Enterrement vie de garçon

The serious things begin. We embark aboard canoes raft, for the descent of rapids. Moments of adrenalins for some, cascade for others, but for everybody: a great moment of happiness and sharing.

Rafting dans le 06

Phew, the descent is ended, some people drank the cup, but everybody spent a great moment …

Now the surprise challenge !

We bandage the eyes of the bridegroom and guide him towards a place unknown of him in a climate of brainwashing. Always in this disturbing atmosphere, we equip him for what is going to be a “very dangerous” activity … A sort of bungee jumping new generation which is cold in the back. In front of the look amused by his friends, the bridegroom, the trembling legs, gets ready to make the big jump!

« But where I go ? », say he with stress air…

« You will see when you will be there », answers the team by laughing.

The fake dummy Bungee jumping

A route psychologically testing for the victim …

parcours aveugle

After a moment of hesitation, hup, he dashes before landing in the cold water of the lake one to put down … General Giggle and decompression of the victim. That of good memories engraved in the heads.

Apéritif EVG

To go, the day is not ended and even far from the being …

We take a moment to have lunch and have a drink, then we leave 4X4 on tracks and forest ways begin. Moment of relaxation and discovery of these magnificent landscapes. Some photos are imperative.

EVG organisé à Nice

These tracks and these magnificent roads lead us up to the port of Nice, for the continuation of the day. Another challenge waits for the bridegroom. We bring out of our secret suitcase a collection of more ridiculous suits … Obviously it is certainly the worst which is chosen by the friends of the bridegroom. He will now have to put on him and join Old Nice in this getup, with for mission to sell condoms and others accessories…

« Censored photos »

They will return then in the hotel for a good shower, before leaving in town for a dinner to the restaurant and one evening in club.

The difficult next day, the lie-in ‘ obliges! The morning is already well begun. We find them for a brunch in a trendy place, before making them live new adventures: CodExpe and Beach volleyball on the beach …

“And we do not tell you everything !”

It is certain there will be some anecdotes to be told during the marriage !

Rando 4X4

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