Bushcraft and horse riding

Bushcraft and horse riding

Bushcraft and horse riding

Bushcraft & horse riding

Need some fresh air ? Discover new activities ? To be closer to nature ?

We have the solution !

Take out your adventurous souls, and set off on a wild adventure in the Alpes Maritime.

To go to the adventure !

Start this adventure with a horseback ride in the magnificent Vesubia Valley in the Mercantour mountain. Throughout this walk, you can admire the incredible landscapes that will leave you speechless.

This hike will take you to the place where you will spend an incredible night…

The nearest to the nature

This return to nature will teach you the basic techniques of survival. Light the fire, find food, get Wood, set up the camp, and all the necessary tasks to survive in the wild.

With small means, you will do great things…

At bedtime you will fall asleep watching the stars to make beautiful dreams…

With your friends or family, you will experience unique moments that you will never forget during this incredible evening.

At dawn, in the morning will be accompanied by a magnificent sunrise with a stunning view of the mountains overlooking the coast.

It will be time to head back for the rest of the ride, which will guide you to the starting point.

A unique stay

This unique two-day stay will cut you off from all civilization, from your daily routine, and will allow you to take a deep breath. During a weekend really take the time to live, to enjoy every moment, relax…

You will leave with incredible memories, which you won’t forget.…

This activity can be customized like any of our products. You can be accompanied by a guide or not, if you prefer to sleep in a refuge instead of being to the stars it is also possible, as the addition of options such as dinner, lunch, other sports activities, tasting of local products…

We adapt to your desires, it is your stay and we will make sure that it suits you as much as possible.

For further information, our teams are at your disposal.

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