Engagement proposal on a beach

Champagne on the beach

Engagement proposal on a beach

Engagement Proposal on a Beach

Are you happy with your lover? Have you decided to prove your love and ask her in marriage? Discover a scenario of a engagement proposal on a beach.


You don’t know how to organize this engagement proposal and you want to make this a unique and memorable moment? No worries, we’re here to help you create a fairy-tale wedding proposal scenario. To make her dream, we chose the French Riviera

With lots of charm and fantastic scenery, this is the perfect place for a successful wedding proposal. You will be able to choose to make your engagement proposal on a beach … We will select with you a wild and romantic place.

After an unusual staging, you will discover this magical place, accompanied by a sunset and a glass of Champagne, you will make her your declaration of love.

demande en mariage plage



After having a day to discover the French Riviera, the young couple goes on one of the beaches of the harbor of Villefranche-sur-mer. It was at that time they discover a bottle into the sea with a message… After opening this little note, they discover a map and a code allowing to detach two paddles at the seaside. Immediately they begin to navigate to the specified destination. The scenery is fantastic!

They cross the harbor of Villefranche-sur-mer, and arrive at a secret beach. They see in the water, a path to the beach, with hearts floating in the turquoise water.

They discover a magnificent living room installed in this dream place. Mr proposes to Mrs to follow him and to settle …

Very moved, she understands the surprise … It’s time to make her engagement proposal!

After this intense moment of happiness, it’s at sunset time, on this little deserted beach on the French Riviera. They will enjoy a magnificent, natural spectacle while tasting Champagne.



Many of you are wondering: what to do at the time of the marriage proposal? Start by staying yourself, everything will be alright!

When everything is ready for a magical engagement proposal, it will be enough for the gentleman to put a knee on the ground and to pronounce his little speech… He will finally tell how he loves her and slips a pretty engagement ring on her finger.

The moment is rich in emotions and joys, the young couple is filled with happiness.

More lovers than ever, they can enjoy this wonderful moment in this incredible place in front of the sunset at the seaside, they spend a unique moment that they will never forget.

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Each of our marriage proposal is unique! We offer various fully customizable scenarios. If you wish to make your proposal, we can discuss together what would best suit your couple.

demande en mariage plage
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