Observation transit of Mercury – Alpes Maritimes 9th May

Observation Eclipse

Observation transit of Mercury – Alpes Maritimes 9th May

Observing the Sun transit of Mercury on May 9th in Alpes Maritimes


We will be lucky to observe the transit of Mercury from earth on the 9th of May. This phenomenon is relatively rare and happens every 13 or 33 year. The last transit of Mercury occurred in 2006.


For this moment of exception, we offer to take part to a day of observation of the transit organized by CAIRN Expe in the Alpes-Maritimes.

We will bring you in one of the best outdoor spot to observe this event. Our guide, graduate in Astrophysics, will install all the necessary equipment for a solar observation. To enjoy this exceptional day, natural discovery activities will be organized. For the bravest and the curious, we could spin things out until the end of the night and observe the moon and the stars with special equipment.

Observation transit of Mercury – Alpes Maritimes 9th May

Sun transit of Mercury

9 Mai 2016

The Sun transit of Mercury will start at 01.12 pm and stop at 08.42 pm.

Mercury will make 7 h to cross the Sun. During this low transit will have time to discover the wonderful landscape of Alpes-Maritimes, but also to discover wildlife, enjoy the sun and the nature. A lounge will be specially set up for you to be confortable.

Mountain landscape

découverte paysage Mercantour

Sun observation

Observation soleil

Solar observation equipment:

  • A telescope with full aperture filter
  • A telescope that observes the Sun in the specific line of hydrogen, but Mercury will be visible also.

Observation equipment

comment observer le soleil

As – Tronomer : Thierry, our astronomer graduated in Astrophysics, will guide you in the universe, for a journey into the stars.

Thierry the AS-Tronomer


To discover Also:

Hikes of the stars from June to September.

From June to September, by clear weather, we organized hikes that will make you live a unique experience. We will start end of afternoon, to reach at sunset, the top of a mountain, which offer a panoramic view on Alpes-Maritimes. Then, we will meet our guide of stars who will lead us to a wonderful journey into the universe thanks to his observation equipment. (C11 20800mm focal).

Special in June 2016 :

Between June 9th and June 16th, is the best time to observe the Moon and its relief. You could also observe Jupiter, Saturne and Mars at the beginning of the night. This period will be very interesting thanks to the numbers of visible planets in the sky. After nightfall (around 11pm in June), we could observe some objects into the deep sky as globular clusters.

Find out more about our custom made products, for a unique experience.


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