The 5 good reasons to do a bushcraft

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The 5 good reasons to do a bushcraft

We notice that today humanity is concentrated in the city, which leads to a growing desire among the citizen to live as close as possible to Nature, because several studies show that happiness seems to be at the side of a natural environment. Here are 5 good reasons to do a bushcraft that will prove that full immersion in nature can be beneficial, not only for our well-being, but also for our mental health.

1.         Technology Independence/ No longer dependent on technology

We live in a world where technology is omnipresent, being in the wild will allow you to get away from the modern world, and find yourself. The GPS that we are used to using wherever we go, have not always existed, and in the mountains will not serve you unfortunately, because the areas are mostly not covered by the network, the bushcraft will then allow you in a first time to orient yourself with gestures of use, using maps and compasses.

2.         Follow your instincts and make the right choices

Refocusing becomes the best method to neutralize external demands and our internal conflicts. As part of a bushcraft, it is your intuition that will guide you for each choice, for example when you are going to build your shelter “did I choose the right place?” You will then let this little voice guide you to validate your intuitive choice, let these sensations develop and you will see that apply it to other areas of everyday life, whether for personal or professional cases.  In a world where one is constantly guided, let yourself go in a setting with fantastic landscapes.

3.         Autonomy and Expertise

You will learn a lot about Bushcraft, but also about yourself! A real reflection on our way of life, and our dependence on comfort, the fragile means of the modern world, after learning the techniques that use humanity it has millennia to live.

4.         Nature to recharge/ Contact with nature

A survival course in the Alps is a stay to recharge, and reconnect with the environment that allows us to be in cohesion with nature and above all to understand it. Understand how it works, and know that it can be spectacular and at the same time dangerous

5.         Stress-fighting

In nature, the vagaries of the weather can do great damage, so it is important to manage your stress to find solutions and manage risks. In a bushcraft, you will learn to analyze and anticipate the weather conditions to shelter as quickly and efficiently as possible, know the first aid actions to bring help to a person who would be in difficulty.

The survival course will not only provide you solutions and techniques to apply in mountain conditions, but you will see that they will also be transposable in the case of daily life.

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  • Here are 5 good reasons to do a survival course that will prove that full immersion in nature can be beneficial, not only for our well-being, but also for our mental health....

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