The Alpes Maritime, ideal destination

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The Alpes Maritime, ideal destination

Why are the Alpes Maritime the ideal holiday destination ?

You are planning to go on holiday, but you are still hesitant about the destination ? We will help you orient your choice towards the ideal destination, the Alpes Maritime where you are sure to delight all your family and friends. Discover why a stay in the Alpes Maritime is the perfect destination for your holiday.

This is the South ! !

And yes, as you will have understood, here it is the south ! The ideal destination, the Alpes Maritime is one of the departments that is the southernmost of France. With the presence of the Mediterranean Sea, which acts as a thermal regulator, you will be sure to enjoy a pleasant climate during your holiday. The sun is well established in the area and does not intend to move. The winters are smooth and sunny and the summers are not too hot, thanks to the presence of the sea and the mountains, which promote a constant exchange of air, without causing any wind.

In two words : Alpes Maritime

As you will have understood, the Alpes Maritime are the mountains that flow into the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, you will be able to pass from more than 3143 meters of altitude (summit of the Gélas) to the sea, in less than 40km as the crow flies. In spring, you can ski in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon. The presence of the mountains allows you to enjoy winter sports with a high quality snow in winter and in summer, you can make magnificent hikes. The walks in the National Park of the Mercantour allow to discover totally preserved landscapes in which lives a rich fauna and flora. You can discover Mountain Lakes, observe wild animals and discover the villages of the nice hinterland. You can also go for hikes in Prealpes d’azur and their Regional Park.

Sea Side :

On the sea side, you can enjoy the French Riviera and its elegance. From Monaco to Cannes via Nice, you will discover wonderful beaches, coves, capes, bays, etc. The ideal place to discover this multitude of landscapes is still by navigation. A great experience is to discover these landscapes seen from the sea aboard a Catamaran. You can spend the evening or the night comfortably on board, but also stop in small coves where you can bathe and discover the seabed. When you get to Cannes, you will be able to make a stopover on the Lérins Islands.

The Alpes Maritime the ideal holiday destination :

Well so, the Alpes Maritime are the ideal destination for your holiday. The Alpes Maritimes enjoy an exceptional climate and a magnificent geography. In fact, as the name indicates, the Alpes Maritimes, are mountains (the Alpes) that flow into the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean climate offers a temperate climate all year round. Summers are not too hot and winters are mild. With all this, sports people and nature lovers will be thrilled, as they will be able to enjoy many nature sports both in the mountains and at sea. The ideal destination, the Alpes Maritime where heritage lovers can discover high villages and their history, not forgetting to stop in Nice, for its Old Nice place and the history of the county of Nice. The Alpes Maritimes is also a place of gastronomy, with small dishes and local products that will delight the finest mouths.

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