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You want to visit the old town of Nice, but classic tours do not tempt you? You would like to show your children our beautiful city, but they are not thrilled by visiting the old town of Nice? You would like to combine culture and leisure? CAIRNE EXPE has the solution for you. We propose to take you to discover the old town of Nice in a very fun and original way: through a treasure hunt in the city of Nice!

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CAIRN EXPE takes you on a treasure hunt based on the rules of an escape game: you will have to find you way in the alleys of the old town of Nice, solve many puzzles, but also take up optional challenges. This special visit will be a funnier way to discover or rediscover the beautiful city of Nice, as a game. Perfect to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, and enjoying the coolness and the shadow of the streets of the old town of Nice. This treasure hunt will be for you a moment of complicity and laugh guaranteed!

CAIRN EXPE will show you the most beautiful places of the old  town of Nice. Supervised by professionals, you will go all around the old town during the game. From Place Garibaldi to Place Massena, through the alleys of the old town of Nice, you will be constantly looking for new clues. CAIRNE EXPE will show you the amazing architecture of the churches and chapels and the charm of the little shops of the alleys of the old town of Nice. You can also hydrate yourself at the different fountains of the city, and refresh yourself in the water jets of the Coulée Verte. This treasure hunt will also be an opportunity to learn some anecdotes about the city of Nice and its past.

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For this game, bring together your friends, family, or colleagues, and make a team of at least six people. The treasure hunt will start in Place Garibaldi where our CAIRN EXPE staff will meet you up. To begin, a treasure map will be entrusted to you, as well as the treasure itself. However, this one will of course be locked! To be able to open the treasure, you will have to answer questions throughout the treasure hunt while crisscrossing the alleys of the old town of Nice. The treasure hunt will end on the famous Coulée Verte where, if you have solved all the puzzles, you will get the code to finally unlock your treasure and enjoy it together.


The CAIRN EXPE treasure hunt is a perfect half-day for a birthday, a bachelor party, or just the pleasure of having fun with friends or family! Do you have observation skills? Show your loved ones your Shelock Holmes side by solving the riddles of our treasure hunt. A team spirit and a close-knit group will be needed to get the combination of the locked treasure.


Our CAIRN EXPE staff will be there to guide you, to challenge you, and to immortalize these moments of sharing and laught. Departure times are flexible, and the length of the treasure hunt varies from 2 to 3 hours, depending on you.

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