Marriage proposal in Nice

Scénario Demande Mariage à Nice

Marriage proposal in Nice

Marriage proposal in Nice for Valentin’s day


For the day of the lovers, we organized a marriage proposal in Nice. What better date than February 14th to declare her love and propose?

Proposing for Valentine’s Day is about being sure to impress the woman in your life and making all her girlfriends jealous… proposing for Valentine’s Day also helps keep the suspense going for as long as possible. Indeed, your lover will not suspect that you are going to propose to her, as she will only expect a Valentine’s Day gift. Throughout the script of the proposal, she will think of a gift for The Lovers ‘ Party, but she will not suspect the outcome of this surprise. To make your wedding proposal, do not hesitate to contact professionals who will be there to accompany you and suggest you the scenario adapted to your couple, your personality and your budget.

Nice Demande Mariage Roses

Script of a marriage proposal in Nice


For Valentine’s day, we created a special proposal scenario in Nice. The man who caused this surprise contacted us a few days before February 14th. Determined to propose, he asked us to create a personalized scenario for a proposal in Nice. We therefore gave him an appointment on 14 February at 11.30 am in old Nice, in the company of his future wife and with the ring in his pocket. At precisely 11: 30, the couple were at the rendezvous. One of our actors then passed in front of the lovers with a bouquet of roses and about twenty heart-shaped balloons, swollen with helium. How can you not be so conspicuous ? So that was the starting point for this proposal scenario in Nice. The couple will then follow the balloons in The Shape of a heart, under the pretext of a walk in the Old Town of Nice. Suddenly, the mysterious balloon man disappears and leaves behind a heart-shaped balloon hanging on the road. The Gentleman picks it up and offers it to his lady, then in the distance lets himself catch a glimpse of another balloon. The quest continues ! After recovering about twenty balloons, the couple find themselves on the hill of the Castle of Nice, at the foot of the magnificent Cascade. The surprise will be big, because it is at this precise place, in front of a magnificent view and in a most splendid setting, that floats in the sky a bouquet of balloons in heart. A first rose then falls from the sky. Then one more… Sir then kneels down. He takes the ring out of his pocket and under a rain of roses falling from the waterfall, he makes his proposal. A moment full of emotions that will earn the young couple the applause of the passers-by who attended this romantic show. After having picked the roses at their feet, a glass of champagne is served to recover from all these emotions and celebrate this moment of joy and happiness by admiring the magnificent view of the Mediterranean and the Old Town of Nice. They will then slowly go down towards the Old Town, to have a romantic lunch in a nice restaurant by the sea.

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